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I'm Philippe Hugo a 24-years-old computer science student from Zurich 🇨🇭 interested in coding, design and photography.

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Code & Design.

About 10 years ago I got introduced to programming. Since then I thaught myself multiple languages for front and backend development and got interested in UI and UX design.

Screenshot of Vexed - A social Network


I already did several projects, reaching from simple websites, over small frameworks, to more complex applications, like my graduation work: VEXED. A social network.

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Screenshot of Tippspiel - Bet with friends


Beside coding and designing, I also like taking pictures with my camera and my drone while traveling, which is a perfect addition to provide my webites with unique pictures.

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A photo of a cross with snow in winter


If you have questions, are interested in something or would like to get in touch feel free to contact me.

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